Two Cases of Spinal Manipulation Performed while the Patient Contemplated an Associated Stress Event: The Effect of the Manipulation/Contemplation on Serum Cholesterol Levels in Hypercholesterolemic Subjects

Kristopher B. Peterson, D.C.
Chiropractic Technique 1995;7 55-59.


Objective: To describe, in a case-study format, the possible effects of spinal manipulation, performed while two hypercholesterolemic subjects pondered associated stress events, on serum cholesterol levels.

Clinical Features: Two female subjects with chronic, lifestyle-resistant hypercholesterolemia.

Intervention and Outcome: After the establishment of a serum cholesterol baseline, a single intervention of spinal manipulation was performed during contemplation of an associated emotional event. Reductions of 27.8% and 22.5% from baseline average were observed within 12 weeks after the single spinal manipulation.

Conclusion: Spinal manipulation during contemplation of a stressful event may have had a positive impact on reducing cholesterol levels. Regresssion to the mean, intraindividual variations, monitoring of continued lifestyle changes and patient expectations are discussed. Further study into the effect of spinal manipulation on stress physiology is recommended.

Key Words: (MeSH) Manipulation-Chiropractic; (Non-MeSH) Mind-Body-Applied Kinesiology-Chiropractic-Cholesterol-Neuroemotional technique

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