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It is a diagnostic tool using Manual Muscle Testing to evaluate to relation and links between the biomechanical, biochemical and emotional aspect of a clinical presentation.

This technique can help a practitioner to find hidden underlying causes of a dysfunction and interpret the body in a holistic model. Applied Kinesiology is a valuable tool to support the progression of a patient and to get better and more efficient clinical results

Applied Kinesiology Course are announced in your proper Chapter ( country ) A new website that is coming out shortly will enable students to see all the accredited course worldwide. These course are available for practitioners who have a licence to diagnose in their own country. ( MD, DC, DO, DD, RN)

Only the owner of a licence to diagnose is allowed to practice Applied Kinesiology. These professions are listed as the following: DC, DO, MD, DD, RN.

Simply go on our ‘FIND A PRACTITIONER’’ section and it will quickly redirect you of your chapter website to help you find the nearest practitioner in your area.

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Is there anything more valuable in practice than real time data on what to do, when to do it, and how successful it was? Every technique out there has its time and place, and thanks to AK I don't have to guess.
Dr Joe Smith,
Chiropractor DIBAK, DACNB
Using Applied Kinesiology helps me take the guess work in identifying and correcting my patients' problems. It is the best diagnostic technique I have come across and helps me in all aspects of my practice. I use it to help optimize performance in professional NHL, NFL, and MLB players in addition to helping get to the root cause and help those with chronic illness.
Dr. Noah Lebowitz,
What does Professional Applied Kinesiology do for my practice? It keeps me satisfied in practice. There is no other single diagnostic methodology better equipped to help evaluate multiple systems of a patient. The key to PAK is understanding the thought process, having a system to traverse what treatments will create the greatest benefit for the patient. You will never get bored with AK. Constantly learning new things only expands the abilities and outcomes as unfortunately people are becoming more and more complex in their health problems.
Dr John Wittle,
Applied Kinesiology totally brought another dimension to my practice and my vision of health. It gave me the will to always ask myself ‘’WHY’’ every day with my patient. I go to work excited and enthusiast all day, every day.
Dr Genevieve Gagne,
Chiropractor DIBAK
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