Resolution of Anovulation Infertility Using Neuro Emotional Technique: A Report in 3 Cases
Bablis P , Pollard H and Monti D
Chiropract J Aust SPR 2006 (5:1): 13-26


This study reported observations of the effectiveness of Neuro Emotional Technique in promoting ovulation in anovulatory polycystic ovary syndrome sufferers by decreasing both apparent and perceived stress. Clinical Features: Two chronic anovulating patients underwent a course of Neuro Emotional Technique therapy. A visual analog scale was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention. Outcomes: Anovulating patients started to ovulate following a series of treatments. Initial VAS scale on menstrual irregularity was rated 10 out of a possible 10 (anovulation) for both patients. After treatment, both patients rated 0 out of 10 on the Vas scale. A discussion of the potential link between stress and anovulation through decreased insulin sensitivity and how the use of Neuro Emotional Technique resolved the anovulation seen in two patients is presented. Conclusion: The observation of two, previously annovulating females who underwent a course of Neuro Emotional Technique and resulted in the resumption of ovulation is note-worthy. Whilst this observation does not claim a relationship between treatment and clinical outcomes, it warrants further investigation into the intervention of Neuro Emotional Technique as a therapy for annovulation, as well as providing a call for similar clinical observations for any relationship between Neuro Emotional Technique and symptoms reported by patients.

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