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What is the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK)? PDF Print E-mail

The ICAK is a non profit interprofessional organisation dedicated to advance manual muscle testing as a system of diagnosis for evaluating areas of dysfunction within the body.

George J. Goodheart, Jr., DC first observed that postural distortion was associated with weak muscles in 1964. Muscles in spasm were found to be the effect of underactive opposite muscles. Goodheart found that appropriate treatment would strengthen muscle weakness and conversely reduce the muscle spasm. Postural balance was the result.

Interest in Goodheart’s work grew. In 1976 the ICAK was founded.

The purpose of the ICAK is to promote research and the teaching of AK manual muscle testing.

ICAK is dedicated to bringing together doctors and students with a common interest in manual muscle testing as a diagnostic system.




 George J. Goodheart Jr.- Founder

 John Thie, D.C. – 1973 to 1976

 Bert Hanicke, D.C. – 1976 to 1978

 Sheldon Deal, D.C. – 1978 to 1983

    Walter Gunn, D.C. – 1983 to 1985

 Robert Blaich, D.C. – 1985 to 1989

 Avery Ferentz, DC – 1989 to 1991

 Joe Schaeffer, DC – 1991 to 1993

 Michael Allen, DC – 1993 to 1995

 Robert Blaich, DC – 1995 to 1999

Eric Pierotti, DC – 1999 to Present